The Great War Trench Experience

Transport yourself back to winter on the Western Front during WW1 with the War and Peace Great War Trench Experience, an exciting new display launched in time for the historic centenary of the Battle of the Somme!
Set in a 40 foot trailer, the trench was built by professional set-designer, Michael Whiteley, and with input from a theatrical lighting company and an historian; this above-ground trench evokes the sights and sounds of life on the Western Front.  Part of the educational team is experienced re-enactor/educator, Bradley Cooper, who helps bring the trench to life for visitors and students alike with story-telling and drills.

Enter the trench and look in on the Officers’ Dugout, where the commanders are discussing strategies over a glass of the local tipple! Creep along the trench or hop-up and look over the top – but don’t disturb the sleeping soldier hidden away in his bunk.  Handle a replica WW1 weapon, and for students, try on battledress to get a feel for how itchy it all was! With a surprise or two instore (which we can’t spoil!) – the Great War Trench Experience is an educational and entertaining way to learn more about life on the front line.

The War and Peace Great War Trench Experience also includes six 8x4 boards charting the course of the Great War giving plenty of interesting information and facts on this important conflict.

For more information or to book, contact or telephone 01304 813337.