Over the years we’ve had the privilege to be involved in many commemorations and anniversaries, working with The Invicta Military Vehicle Preservation Association (IMPS Below are some of the more high-profile events – if you’d like to talk to us about organising a parade or vehicle display do Contact us


  • Dunkerque Evacuation and Liberation
    • We’ve been asked by the town of Dunkerque on several occasions to provide appropriate military vehicles to help commemorate their significant anniversaries. We take pride in providing the correct vehicles – as an example displays and parades for the Evacuation commemorations contain no American vehicles (including Jeeps!) as these would not have been present. Any vehicles we take along must have been in service in 1940 - or 1945 for the Liberation commemorations.
      • Evacuation 75th Anniversary – 2015 Dunkerque and De Panne
      • Evacuation 70th  Anniversary – 2010 Dunkerque
      • Ramsgate Evacuation 70th Anniversary – 2010. For this we provided vehicle displays in the port of Ramsgate in advance of the departure of the Little Ships. Following the displays and commemoration ceremonies in Dunkerque, we then returned to Dover to meet the ships’ return with further vehicle displays.
      • Evacuation 65th Anniversary – 2005 Dunkerque
      • Liberation 60th Anniversary – 2005 Dunkerque


  • Normandy
      • Normandy 70th Anniversary – 2014 Arromanches, Bayeux, Port-en-Bessin and Tilly-sur-Seulles
        • One of the vehicles we took to Normandy in 2014 was our own Sherman BARV, which was built especially for the Normandy landings. A modified Sherman tank, the British turned around 60 into the Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle variant, with the specific purpose of recovering vehicles that came in on the landing craft and either got stuck or broke down. The BARV towed the vehicles to safety then with her wooden “bumper” was able to push the landing craft back out to sea if required.  Our BARV was put back in the water for the first time in 75 years – and loved it! She even had to make a rescue of two WW2 Dodge Weapons carriers that got stranded in the sea trying to emulate our BARV!
  • New Year’s Day Parade for the City of Westminster; Westminster at War – 2005 where we were allowed to drive the M10 Achilles on the streets of London with our own police escort.


  • VE/VJ Day 50th Anniversary – 1995 organised by the Invicta Military  Vehicle Preservation Society at the request of Dominic Reed, pageant master to the Lord Mayors procession. Together with the IMPS we participated with a number of vehicles from the War and Peace Collection.
  • VE Day 70th Anniversary – 2015
    • Our M10 Achilles was Gate Guardian to St James’ Park, London for the 70th Anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE Day), with her barrel pointing towards Kensington Palace!
    • We also have full-sized replica Spitfire and Hurricane and they were also displayed in St James’ Park to the delight of many of the WW2 re-enactors who visited our displays during the weekend of celebrations.